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Three Small Suspects


This timeless book, released in 2009 - Nick's first - is one so many readers identified with. Many of them have contacted Nick with their own similar stories about growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s in small towns dotted across New Zealand, Australia and even the UK, after reading it.

Read some of the written reviews and listen to interviews by Googling 'Three Small Suspects' or on the 'Reviews' page and the results will make you laugh out loud and want to order the book.

Three small suspects is an easy to read account of a selection of the tricks and pranks this family of 4 boys and three girls engineered over a period of about 15 years. Horgan suggests that 'none of the pranks were designed to hurt anyone and that all of them were spontaneous! The fact that we were 'free-range' kids had a lot to do with the era, a wonderful  time that may never be duplicated. Today's kids would never get away with these pranks.


You draw your own conclusions!

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