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Antipodean Traveler


Antipodean Traveler comprises two books and tells the story of a somewhat naive young Kiwi traveling throughout North America and Canada in the late 70s and early 80s. He is the export sales manager for a waterjet manufacturer out of New Zealand.


Full of high adventure, his escapades include jet boating both up and down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, somehow surviving, to then take on the Yukon River in Alaska and then back to Alberta in Canada where he wins his division of the World Jet boat Championships. These are just a few of his adventures.


Readers will find these books very hard to put down and should not  be surprised if they wake in the middle of the night, return to  favourite chairs, clutch a coffee or hot chocolate, and grasp  one of the  books for another dose of this medicine, be it laughter or adrenaline. 


And yes, some of the ​​chapters will make you laugh out loud, others will make you  shudder or cringe, and others still, will draw a tear or two. But all of them will find a special spot in your heart and an empathy for, and with the author.

Part One, Book One, starts  from the day Nick arrived at Los Angeles Airport. His childhood dream had really come true - to one day, go to America!
He  makes his way towards the bus that will transport him to the rental car depot. From then on the rest of the day would be all down hill!
A few weeks later, after all sorts of dire predicaments, mainly due to his naivety, part stupidity and part ignorance, he  learns a lot about 'these Americans', their customs and their idiosyncrasies and in particular he learns what words he can use and those he cannot!
He had also learned to listen and that alone was half the battle.

Part Two Book two, starts out with more adventures. This time Nick finds himself stranded in the airport at Juneau, Alaska's capital. In a near blizzard surrounded by water and snow-covered mountains, his ticket  to fly across those mountains into the Arctic Circle was useless.
A planned half hour flight turns into a nightmarish 24 hour debacle and ..........with a black bounty hunter, an angry Inuit family, 'Big Mamma', and more gold than you could poke a stick at........................

...............he would return to Alaska on many occasions over the next few years until, after a devastating discovery in Anchorage, he finally leaves America for the last time in this particular line of work. He returns to his native New Zealand only to find, and walk slap bang into, some very dark days in Christchurch. During the 'darkest days of his life', he also finds  all is not what it seems and discovers  an amazing revelation, one that will change the way New Zealanders will view an iconic brand and misplaced reverence. He keeps it to himself and towards the end of  book two, he reveals all......

..............then, when he fights his way through the mire, he emerges battered and bruised with no job and no wife and no young son. The latter he thought at the time, his own fault.
For sanctuary, he makes his way 'home' to the town of his boyhood days, only to find, that within a short time, once again he is up to his eyeballs in controversy and despair.
After he is instrumental in saving a man's life, he finds rescue and refuge with a position in Australasia's  largest food group. Then,  after success in a short stint in New Zealand's North Island, he is transferred to Australia.
It would take him many years to get over the hurt and despair of his post jet boating days but in time, he would finally discover that life is truly too short to be carrying around all the baggage from a few short years filled to the brim with deceit, lies and embarrassment - a period in his life he tries so hard to put behind him. He also discovers that there are only a few true friends in life and that trust was something you earned not bought.
After a few 'trial runs' he finds true love and in time, much of his sadness

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