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I felt the jab in the right side of my back.


​       "Keep walking," said the voice

​       "Do not turn 'round or you is dead," 

       "Keep walking," hissed the voice.


​We walked! Gunner, gun, gunee!


(an excerpt from Antipodean Traveler)

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About Nick

Nick grew up in a large  family, split between pre and post war siblings, in the small town of Motueka.  The town is situated on the rich fertile plains out  below the northern tip of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.


A keen outdoor and sports enthusiast, he played rugby union, took up skydiving, excelled at golf and  jet boated more than 200 rivers in Central America, The USA, Canada and Alaska, including the Yukon River and the wild Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.


After his years in North America and Canada, Nick joined the then global, Goodman Milling and Baking Group. In 1986, he was transferred  to Australia and has lived in Melbourne and Sydney, but currently resides in Brisbane with his wife, Sue, and two dogs.


The call of NZ is still very strong and each year Nick returns to New Zealand for several weeks  to go whitebait fishing.

In 2008, Nick retired early to enjoy a range of interests including woodworking, gardening, and of course writing.


​His first book, 'Three Small Suspects', is a humorous memoir based upon his experiences growing up with his siblings in the town he is so fond of. His second and third books, Antipodean Traveler parts one and two, capture his unique sense of humor and his complete lack of poltical correctness, the latter, he laughs, is  a  'no holds barred trait, and something I like to cultivate!'  

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